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MySQL 5.7 on Centos 7

This post is all about MySQL5.7 installation in Centos 7. This shouldn’t be a problem if you are using Centos 6 or other Linux distributions but in Centos 7, it is a totally different ballgame because in the latest stable release of this distribution, MySQL is no more. It is replaced by MariaDB — a MySQL fork by the same guys who built MySQL in the first place. Now, you understand why I resent Oracle.

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Gammu-SMSD: Command Not Found [Solved]

This article details the steps to Build a Centos 7 SMS Gateway from Source. This exists because the steps described in the previous article “Build a CentOS 7 SMS Gateway with Gammu” is fraught with issues. Lest it be misconstrued rather unfairly, what I mean by the term “fraught with issues” is that it works but not totally. In the case at bar, the gammu-smsd utility is missing from the rpms or more succintly, the terminal prompts – gammu-smsd: command not found.

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