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Free Tools to Profile Your Website Right Now

Website optimization, in simple terms, means ways to speed up your website. Speed in this context means how fast your website loads in a your user’s device. This is another aspect of web development which is very important but not taught in schools. In schools, it’s enough to build the most eye-popping website you can muster.


What good is a website if it doesn’t deliver information to the visitor fast? What’s the value of a beautiful website which is not seen? In a world where users have the patience of a gold fish ( 8 second attention span ), your website “must” load well below that otherwise your user will leave even without seeing your content.
Website performance profiling is important. Thus, here are 5 free tools to profile your website right now!


Free Tools to Profile Your Website Right Now



  1. Rian Drops Rian Drops

    This is great sir.

    • You are welcome. Now, optimize your websites using these tools.

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