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How to Sync Google Calendar and Lightning

A calendar software is an essential part in any person’s life. It is a vital time management tool for students and professionals who live through dizzying arrays of activities day in and day out. At times, they are seen as sanity-keepers because they make sense of things which would seem insane for any person to undertake.

Calendar software applications are not new things, they are not sui generis — a thing or class of their own. In fact, a cursory Google search yields to hundreds of millions of results — literally. That being the case, it is no longer relevant to discuss how to use them. After all, a calendar is a calendar is a calendar. However, syncing them with a desktop calendar application is a totally a different matter. This blog post on how to sync Google Calendar and Mozilla Lightning.

Google Calendar

Google Calendar is a web based time-management application by Google. Developed by Kevin Fox in 2006, it is akin to desktop calendar applications i.e. Microsoft Outlook or iCal on Mac OS X. It is a free service. However it requires a registered account with Google.

Mozilla Lightning

Lightning is an extension developed by the Mozilla Foundation to add functionality to its mail application, Thunderbird. Lightning is an offshoot of the, now defunct, standalone Calendar software Sunbird. Mozilla Sunbird and Lightning are free and open source cross-platform calendar applications.

Sync Google Calendar and Lightning


  1. Operating system: Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows, or Linux
  2. Mail application: Mozilla Thunderbird
  3. Internet connection
  4. Google account
  5. Provider for Google Calendar

How to synchronize Google Calendar and Lightning

  1. Open Mozilla Thunderbird
  2. Log-in to Google Account in Thunderbird
  3. Install the Lightning add-on
  4. Install the Provider for Google Calendar
  5. Make the Menu Bar visible
    1. Click: Hamburger icon / Options / Menu Bar
  1. Add calendars
    1. Click: File / New / Calendars / Local Network
    2. Follow the instructions.
    3. The calendars associated with Google Account will be ready for selection.


Screenshots in Order


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