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February BookSale Raid

It is amazing what you can find in BookSale. Likewise, the prices that they are sold at are mind boggling! Today, I found 7 hard bound books with topics ranging from the ‘Psychology of Eating’ to ‘Retracing the Steps of Gengis Khan.’

The whole bunch I acquired for less than P600.00. The cheapest book I have is the biography ‘Roscoe’ for P5.00! It is followed by ‘Charlatan: a Study on America’s Greatest Con Artists’ that is sold for P10.00! Business and motivational books range from P80.00-P160.00. Coolness!

In hindsight, though I am not complaining, histories and studies are priced the lowest. Is it because nobody appreciates them except academics? Does the public prefer fiction over non-fiction? Why? Moreover, if history is the guidepost that ensures our future, what does the general aversion to it say about our society and culture?

Sam Rodriguez Galope BOOOKS 2014-02-12 13-54-45

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Hard Bound Ayn Rand Loot!

Finally, I have Ayn Rand’s ‘Atlas Shrugged’ rare hard bound edition. Despite the rock bottom price I got it for, it is in pristine condition. It is virtually untouched thanks to the lengthy foreword that dissuaded the ‘donor’ from reading it. Thank you soooooo much for the loot, Lorna Lovelace!

Now let’s discuss Nobokov’s ‘Lolita,’ Kerouac, Tim Leary’s ‘The Politics of Ecstasy’ and KLR cameras that you are willing to part with.

Our Cinemalaya project pa pala!


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