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Millionaire Mind Intensive: Immediately After

It has been ten days since the Millionaire Mind Intensive seminar  ended in the Philippines. I benefited a lot. This recounts the what Millionaire Mind Intensive: Immediately After looks like. But before that, let’s recap on what happened.

On September 24, 2017, I attended the Millionaire Mind Intensive at the SMX Convention Center in Pasay City, Philippines. I really had no idea what I was getting into but I decided to go with it anyway. Looking back, I have come to a conclusion. Were it not for the ticket being VIP and sponsored, I would have not attended the Millionaire Mind Intensive seminar.

Millionaire Mind Intensive: Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Moving forward. When I arrived at the venue. I was amazed, flabbergasted, and overwhelmed all at the same time. The event was a success. That much to me is clear. Given the participant turn-out, it cannot be denied. However, coming from the “back room” industry, I was in a state of terror. To be perfectly clear, back room industry refers to those businesses or professions which work from behind the scenes. Software developers, Chief Technology Officers, Lawyers, and Government Officials are examples of “back room” professions. The funny thing about the examples I gave is that they perfectly describe my profession. I am a Chief Technology Officer for a government agency and I specializes in software engineering and design. Lastly, I also am a student of the law. “Ang saya di’ba?” (Funny right?)

You can only imagine what horrors played out in my mind. Among the worst, I feared human contact. I do not like to be approached by and talked to by a lot of people. I cringed at the thought that I may be required to sing and dance in public, and so on. Finally, the thought that made my skin crawl was the fear of being humiliated in public.

If you want to more detail on my experience, please read “Millionaire Mind Intensive: The Philippine Experience.” That’s the first article I wrote about the entire affair. It provides a “raw-er” recount of the experience.

Millionaire Mind Intensive: Immediately After

The Millionaire Mind Intensive seminar ended on a Sunday. It was the most grueling three days I have encountered in my life. To say that I was exhausting is an understatement. Imagine pushing your mind, heart, body, and spirit all at the same time at 100% intensity. Thus, I gave myself a day off.

When I woke up, it was already the day after — Tuesday. I was hungry, thirsty, but totally rejuvenated. Surprisingly, I immediately jumped out of bed, prepared my meal, took a bath, and fixed the room. This was totally unexpected and it did not end there. I started to put my apartment in order. The floor came first, then the dishes, and then my 2 weeks worth of dirty laundry. I washed, dried, and folded them all. This is the first time I did everything all in one day. I surprised myself.

In retrospect, at that time as it is now, one thing kept buzzing in my head. “What you do sometimes, you do all the time.” The speakers in the seminar constantly harped about this. It caught on. My subconscious mind rang abuzz: “If I want to change my life, I must change the way I do things.” If I want to see real change, I must change for real.

A Conclusive Improvement

I have always been aware of my propensity to procrastinate but was totally powerless against it. The Millionaire Mind Intensive seminar somehow changed me. I do not care whether they employed voodoo, magic, hypnosis, or some sort of mind control on me. The bottom line is that immediately after the Millionaire Mind Intensive seminar, I saw immediate change.

Now, whenever I feel lazy, a voice in my head says “what you do sometimes, you do all the time.”

“If you want to change my life, you must change the way I do things.”

“If I want to see real change, I must change for real.”

I am a changed man.

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