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The Millionaire Mind and Nietzsche’s Superman

Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche, in his book “The Twilight of the Idols and the Anti-Christ: or How to Philosophize with a Hammer (Penguin Classics),” once said the immortal phrase, “that which does not kill you, makes you stronger.” It has been quoted and misquoted in pop culture so much that somehow it has lost its true meaning. But to be sure, it is about man’s capacity to overcome any obstacle and be fortified in the process. It is obvious that I am a big fan of Nietzsche. However, this post is not him but of his Philosophy as it relates to the Millionaire Mind.

Again referring to Nietzsche, “man is a rope stretched between human and the Superman.”

If you are interested in Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche, listed below are some of my favorites:

 The Millionaire Mind and Nietzsche’s Superman

When we think about the Millionaire Mind, or the rich in general, we immediately associate them with luxury, power, comfort, unlimited access, and influence. They are Supermen in their own right because their wealth gives them powers normal human beings can only dream about. It is all over the news. This guy bought an entire island for his family. That guy fed hundreds of thousands of children in Africa. This family controls the world’s financial market. This guy is building a space elevator, and so on. These things are Superhuman in my book. If not, it is as close as we can get to be one.

But is this really the right way to look at them?

What Makes a Comic Book Superhuman

If we examine “comic book” supermen, there are a gamut of ways to turn any Tom, Dick, and Harry into a super hero. Barring the aliens from another planet type, almost all of them underwent some sort of transformation through a horrific accident/incident in their life say a radioactive spider bite, falling into a vat of toxic wastes, emotional turmoil, mutation, and so on. The point of the matter is that they should have died in the process but did not. On the contrary, it made them stronger. Nietzsche.

What Makes a Millionaire Mind Superhuman

Similar to their fictional counterparts, Millionaire Minds also went through a transformation. In fact, it is not in the past tense. They continually go through an uncomfortable transformational process and every time they prevail and thus become richer and more successful.

To the Millionaire Mind, the catalyst for transformation is the perception of COMFORT ZONE.

If you want to know more about how Millionaire Minds really think, I recommend the books below:

How Millionaire Minds See Comfort Zone

Merriam-Webster defines Comfort Zone as “a place, situation, or level where someone feels confident and comfortable.” In short, these are our mental and emotional defaults.

In my case, it is hitting the snooze button on my phone when it rings in the morning. It is my tendency to party hard and overspend in the process. It is my predilection to lose focus on a specific project and quit just before I get any results (see previous post). It is my aversion to human contact (see previous post). It is my inclination to always try to prove myself to an image of my father in my head. It is my uncontrollable habit of procrastinating by binging on Netflix, YouTube, or whatever it is that can be consumed in Social Media.

That’s what I mean by behavioral defaults or comfort zones. They dictate what we are. They direct us on how we do things and react to situations. “We are what we repeatedly do,” to paraphrase Aristotle.

The human mind is designed to make sure we survive. It will always choose the safest and easiest way. It is a status quo machine. It hates anything “risky” no matter how slight. It is not designed to “thrive.” Fortune favors the bold.

How Millionaire Minds see comfort zones is extremely different from normal human beings. Normal human beings see comfort zone as inconsequential thus not worth any attention. On the other hand, Millionaire Minds see Comfort Zone (CZ) as inversely proportional Income Zone (IZ).

Comfort Zone is Inversely Proportional to Income Zone

Let me elucidate on this. When Comfort Zone increases, Income Decreases and vice versa. For example, in my case, when I get into the zone to binge on Netflix, YouTube, or Social Media, I lose the entire day. That’s an entire day which can be used to read books to enrich myself or on the more practical side, make passive income.

Here’s another default for me, I am in the habit of saying/thinking “I know that.” Well, maybe I really do “know that” but what happens when I say/think that, I close any opportunity to learn more from whoever it is I am talking to. Again, the effect is inverse.

On the other hand, when we try to increase the Income Zone, Comfort usually flies out of the window. Waking up early in the morning is a drag, right? But it gives you more time to make passive income or better yourself through exercise or reading. The same is true with sticking it out through adversity, it is like living in hell but success waits for those who persevere.

Comfort Zone is Inversely Proportional to Income Zone.

Here’s How Millionaire Minds Transform into Superhuman Beings

First, study yourself. Know yourself. Identify what thoughts or behaviors are hurting you. The first step is awareness.

The truth shall set you free but it will piss you off first.

Second, to be a Millionaire Mind, it is more of unlearning bad habits than adding new ones.

Unlearn bad habits.

Third, always play at 100%. Don’t hold back. Have comfort in the knowledge that the rich and successful do not act and think like normal people. In a sense, they are abnormal. They are Superhuman.

What you do sometimes is what you do all the time.

Fourth, study and emulate rich and successful people. There is no school for the “rich.” Definitely, there are schools that will ensure that you will get a high paying job but not rich and financially free. Thus to be rich and successful, the Millionaire Mind observes and copies the ways of the rich and successful.

Study and emulate rich and successful people.

Fifth, learn and strive to be uncomfortable. Think of your mind as a muscle. When you are working your arms in the gym, you will know that it is working when you feel the burn, right? That’s uncomfortable. Get uncomfortable. Do what you wouldn’t normally do – like wake up early in the morning. Practice until it is natural then move on.

Expand your comfort zone.

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