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(iamsamgalope) Vlog 29 Let’s Make Stuff: A Pen Organizer

My vlog has progressed so far. Twenty nine (iamsamgalope Vlog 29 Let’s Make Stuff) to be exact, and I am just starting to blog about them. Anyway, as they say, it is better than never. So for the first ever appearance of my YouTube channel @iamsamgalope, I will share with you my first ever animated full production DIY video. It took me approximately 24 hours to script, shoot, and edit this video but I think the outcome is all worth it.

Vlog 29 Backgrounder

I am super addicted to pens, nibs, fountain pens, brushes, markers, and anything that writes. When at the mall, I cannot help but go to the art/office supplies and get at least one item that writes. The problem with this is that as the days go by, a lot of them piles up. Some gets covered by paper. Some gets thrown, inadvertently, in the trash. Some are neglected.

Before you know it, I am back at the art supply store looking more pens because in my mind I have none. And round and round it goes. A huge cache of pens and other writing implement is the logical result of this.

Now as I go deeper and deeper into vlogging, I find it increasingly hard to find my pens. This cannot be allowed to perpetuate any further. Thus, in the name of efficiency and everything good, I decided to make my very own pen organizer.

This video (iamsamgalope Vlog 29 Let’s Make Things: A Pen Organizer) accomplishes two things. First I have a topic to vlog about. Second, I get to organize my pens!

Enjoy the video!


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