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Month: March 2017

(iamsamgalope) Vlog 29 Let’s Make Stuff: A Pen Organizer

My vlog has progressed so far. Twenty nine (iamsamgalope Vlog 29 Let’s Make Stuff) to be exact, and I am just starting to blog about them. Anyway, as they say, it is better than never. So for the first ever appearance of my YouTube channel @iamsamgalope, I will share with you my first ever animated full production DIY video. It took me approximately 24 hours to script, shoot, and edit this video but I think the outcome is all worth it.

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Disable SELinux in CentOS7

SELinux is a crucial component of the Linux universe. It takes care of a majority of security issues which would be a headache to maintain and monitor should in a bare Linux installation. However, SELinux is not without its own set of headaches. For one, in its default setting, SELinux is restrictive. It keeps everything out. Although this provides a secure environment to work on, it also makes a basic Linux install tedious especially if one is not aware of SELinux.

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