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Today in the West Philippine Sea: China, PNoy, Nazis, Dogs, and Bullies



It is amazing how a developed nation, like China, acts like a brat in the face of legitimate political Dogs and Other Undesirables | The China Story 2014-02-12 14-00-56criticism. It is like a one-upped school bully that resorts to name calling to feign courage and hide humiliation.

Succeeding PNoy’s New York Times interview on February 04, 2014, where he calls on “nations around the world to do more to support the Philippines in resisting China’s assertive claims to the seas,” China responds by calling the President an “ignorant and amateurish politician.” Yes, he compares your foreign policy to Nazi Germany and Hitler, but really China? Is that how grown-ups behave?

Embarrassing. Despicable. Disgusting!

But can we really expect anything better from the BIG RED BULLY in our backyard? In a related incident on March 03, 2013, China Daily Mail reported that a restaurant in the historic tourist city of Houhai in Beijing put up a sign which says “This restaurant does not receive Japanese, Filipinos, Vietnamese and dogs.” It was not mentioned if the sign was ordered down or not. Does this reflect China’s domestic and foreign policies? Tsk! Tsk! Tsk!

Racist. Improper. Immoral. Unethical!

China does not intend to and never will respect other races other than theirs. Moreover, like the bully that it is, through its planes, submarines, warships and nuclear weapons, it disregards the rights and properties of other nations. It simply does not care. China must be reminded that Nazi stands for “National Socialism” that is characterized by Bullyism, Gunpoint Diplomacy, Expansionism, Racism and Nationalism.

China, must you really be offended?

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