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Of Chinese Invasion, Clash of Clans, Vikings, and Condo Maulings

China has invaded us and we have not even noticed. “The Malaysian Insider,” a foreign newspaper, reports that the Chinese “navy has drilled 30km from established Philippines coastline.”

(Read more on the South China Sea Dispute in

The report seems to jump out of “Clash of Clans” (CoC), an Android/iPhone strategy game where the objective is to build, sustain, and fortify your village by looting others. Gold and elixir are forcefully acquired by foreign forces to earn cups (trophies), and reinforce their strongholds (Go Davao’s Finest!). The game is based on the age of Vikings in Europe, circa 793 AD to 1066 AD.

Today, almost a thousand years later, it is happening again. But instead of semi-literate Thor-worshiping big blond blue-eyed brutes in longboats, it is perpetuated by greedy Mao-worshiping Reds in submarines, aircraft carriers and fighter jets. However, as opposed to the Vikings that only took what they can carry away, these Reds take the sea; the air; the islands; the rocks over and above the water; the fish; the oil; the gas – everything! Worse, they stay and persist!

We are an occupied territory.

In CoC terms. What China is doing is called raiding and looting. It actively searches for weak governments then attacks them. However, not all attacks are military. Some assail the host country’s economy and political stability thus making it more easy to bully – a morale looting if you will. It zaps the “spirit” of its target that it no longer wants to fight. China employs all modes of attack to perfection.

Just look at the Philippines. They take over our seas and air, we keep still. They drill our shore for gas and oil, what do we do? We shrug. They mine our lands in Pangasinan and Zambales to make warships, guns, and fighter jets. We barely move. They strangle our economy by the influx of smuggled rice and other commodities, what do we do? We blame each other.

Notice our Coast Guard, they can’t even pursue Chinese poachers because their ships are practically rust buckets in the sea – sitting ducks! Notice our armed forces, they can’t even march properly because they have substandard boots that disintegrate on first use.

Look at our political situation. It is practically a battlefield. No one cooperates with anyone. Now, where does the country and the people come in? No wonder the Chinese can just construct, drill and patrol our waters under our noses!


This is much much much much much much much much much much more intriguing and relevant than condo mis-sexcapades, clobberings and he-said/she-said word wars. Agree?

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