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Of “Foods,” Condo Maulings, and Morbid Entertainments

I find it morbidly entertaining how people latch-on to issues that are insignificant, irrelevant and inconsequential – that in any way, neither improve nor degrade their lives.

Take for example the latest scandal, why in heaven’s sake should we care about some dude who gets beat down because of a date gone bad? Things like this happen everywhere everyday. Do we notice them? Do we ‘reward’ them with this much attention?

Likewise, why oh why should we give a rat’s ass on how or why this Betty and her friends staged a crime to extort money from sum-yung-guy? It’s a well worn plot utilized in any B-rate movie that we’d scoff and sneer at as soon as we realize that it’s the same trash we saw last week.

Moreover, why should we give a damn how this Betty was raised, her dysfunctional family, her school, her ‘retokes’, her ‘oral’ skills, and her predilection to grandeur? It is as interesting as the color of Superman’s “overwear” – or whatever’s beneath it, if any. Oh, on second thought, that’s rather interesting.

Serious physical injury and rape are serious crimes, I understand. But imagine how would the victims of: (1) war in Mindanao, (2) South China Sea Dispute, (3) PDAF, (4) Corruption, (5) drugs and the Mexican Cartels in the Phils., (6) devastation in Visayas, (7) gasoline, (8) high utility rates, (9) SSS, HDMF, and PhilHealth premium increase, and (10) the Maguindanao massacre, react to the current scandal? They’d probably say, ‘Wala iyan. Panis yan! Wala yan sa lolo ko! Sa akin, buong pamilya ko pinatay dahil sa ‘My Way’ dahil sabog sa droga yung nauna sa mikropono. Yung mga ka anak ko, nilibing na Lang sa kung saan. Yung iba nga ginamitan pa ng backhoe. Yung iba naman mag ta-tatlong buwan nang naka-supot sa tabi ng kalsada. Walang-wala yan sa lolo ko.’

Ok, too far away and macroscopic you say.

Let me try again, how about: (1) summary killings that are increasing in frequency – this week, two were reported in QC alone; (2) violence in Agham road that decimated a population. Men, women, and children are now sleeping, god knows where, without a roof over their heads, hungry, tear gas in their eyes and lungs, and untreated injuries; and finally, (3) the illegal demolition and take-over of the Manila Seedling Bank that deprives the city of organic supplies, clean air, and food reserves?

Relevant. Timely. Interesting. Significant. Personal.

I know, I am apathetic to the scandal. But my apathy, I think, is justified by the implications of ‘real’ issues that merit our attention and participation because they directly affect our freedom, peace, life, property, prosperity, happiness, economy, sovereignty, culture, and cost of living.

Rather than waste our time trying to get the latest buzz on a scandal that has neither substance nor importance, why don’t we focus on more useful and meaningful things?

Why don’t we just let it be?


Still, I find the phenomenon morbidly entertaining.

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